Invited Talks and Presentations


  1. University of California, Los Angeles – Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Seminar.
  2. Carnegie Mellon University – Mechanical Engineering Seminar.
  3. Brown University – School of Engineering Seminar.
  4. University of Maryland – Electrical & Computer Engineering Seminar.
  5. University of Utah – Electrical & Computer Engineering Seminar.
  6. Boston University – Electrical & Computer Engineering Seminar.


  1. McGill University – Center for Intelligent Machines Seminar Series.
  2. Massachusetts Institute of Technology – LIDS Tea Seminar Series.


  1. Concordia University – Electrical Engineering (joint with IEEE Montreal Section) Invited Seminar.


  1. Imperial College, London – Department of Mathematics, Departmental Seminar.
  2. Univ. of Bradford, UK – School of Electrical Engineering & Comp Sc. Research Seminar.
  3. Duke University – Mechanical Engineering and Material Science Dept (Invited Talk, Michael Zavlanos Group).
  4. UNC Chapel Hill, Dept of Computer Science – US Army Research Office Workshop on Cyber Security: From Tactics to Strategies and Back.
  5. NSF Early-Career Professional Brainstorming Workshop on Cyber-Physical Systems
  6. United States Army Research Office Invited Talk.


  1. University of Pennsylvania, Fontaine Society Fall Research Colloquium Series.
  2. University of Pennsylvania, Graduate Student Colloquim (Electrical Engineering PhD Seminar Series).